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Over the past 30 years Elizabeth has worked in the fields of nursing, teaching and integrative bodywork. An important segment of her nursing experience was devoted to pain management. Elizabeth gives personalized treatments, which include physical and energy massage accompanied by sound and shamanic techniques to create a balance and alignment for the "Bodymind"

As in nature, the body and mind always seek to return to a state of equilibrium. Treatments are given at Elizabeth's office, set in the beautiful hills near Sutton, QC.

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Elizabeth is a caring and deeply connected individual that is able to channel sacred energy and passes it directly to the heart of her patient / client. She serves as a channel for healing and her whole body becomes the instrument to do just that.

Ernesto, Florida, U.S.A.

Elizabeth’s treatments following my abdominal surgeries helped restore me to a sense of balance and well-being. Her use of sound transported me to another time/place of deep healing.

Burn Purdon, Bromont, QC

After the treatment I felt very connected to all my cells.  I felt very attuned and balanced.  I was able to flow in my life and was filled with joy.  Elizabeth's intuition and connection with spirit is very powerful.

Margaret, Bromont, QC

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