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1. Sounding the Inner Landscape, Kay Gardner, Caduceus Publication
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24. Living the Therapeutic Touch, Dolores Krieger, Ph,D.,R.N. ,Dodd, Mead &Company, New York
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Elizabeth is a caring and deeply connected individual that is able to channel sacred energy and passes it directly to the heart of her patient / client. She serves as a channel for healing and her whole body becomes the instrument to do just that.

Ernesto, Florida, U.S.A.

Elizabeth’s treatments following my abdominal surgeries helped restore me to a sense of balance and well-being. Her use of sound transported me to another time/place of deep healing.

Burn Purdon, Bromont, QC

After the treatment I felt very connected to all my cells.  I felt very attuned and balanced.  I was able to flow in my life and was filled with joy.  Elizabeth's intuition and connection with spirit is very powerful.

Margaret, Bromont, QC

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